Winter-flowering trees

AllRound Tree Services recommends winter-flowering trees and shrubs

Love a winter flower or two? Winter in Brisbane is a great time of year. Cool nights and mild, sunny days, and mostly dry weather. It’s great growing weather for plants. And a great thing about native Australian plants is that so many of them flower in winter. Here is a quick guide to some beautiful and easy-care winter-flowering natives suited to Brisbane. Winter flowers were never easier.

Yellow and white paper daisies, Xerochrysum bracteatum. These are short-lived perennials that last around three years. You can propogate them easily in punnets and pots from tip cuttings of 2 to 3 cm in length taken in winter or spring. They should take root within two to four weeks, and respond well to regular watering and fertilising with native plant food.

Grevilleas are glorious winter flowers. One of the most beautiful is Grevillea “Golden Lyre”. This one is propagated and cared for similarly to paper daisies, and will reward you with gorgeous winter flowers and bursts of flower throughout the rest of the year as well. This is also an easy-care shrub, which will respond well to light pruning.

Like Grevilleas, Mandela’s Gold will reward you not just with flowers but also with crowds of native birds. It’s a flowering plant from South Africa that should be propagated from seed, pollinating it with other Mandela Gold flowers – birds will do some of that work for you, and you can hand-pollinate them too with a cotton bud. Cover the flower with pantyhose to protect the developing seed. Sow them in the spring months and they will be ready to flower within two years.

Finally, you can’t go past wattle, our national flower, for a winter flower. This iconic winter sight is familiar all around south-east Queensland and indeed Australia. Choose a species that is native to our corner of the country, as imports from other parts can become weedlike. Wattles are fast-growing and short-lived, lasting around 7 to 12 years usually, and are easily grown from seed. This makes them ideal for new gardens, where they can provide shelter for slower growing plants while they reward you with their pretty bright yellow iconic winter flower.

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