On occasion, tree transplanting can be a viable solution for a tree rather than removal. Have you ever had a tree on your property which you love but has outgrown its current space? Rather than have this tree removed, a cost-effective option may be to have the tree transplanted to a new location.


Yes! Trees of very large proportions have been successfully transplanted. A common practice with councils, it is great way to save and preserve a historic tree. Safe relocation is a better outcome that destruction in these instances. Tree Transplanting is also commonly used by developers, councils and government seeking mature established trees without waiting for them to grow.

Tree transplanting does take time and planning though.

You need to secure branches in a safe manner (if possible) to avoid damage and minimise stress during the excavation and transfer time.

Excavation around the main root ball needs to be conducted with precision, ensuring that you do not damage the main root system. This is where expertise and knowledge comes into it.

Once excavation has been completed and the root system has been severed, the tree is prepared for transport. It is typically secured in an environment to protect and avoid further damage to the root system.

A hole is dug in the new location prior to moving to reduce the stress on the tree and the time it is out of the ground.

The tree is relocated as quickly as possible and immediately, or as soon as practical, placed into the ground, covered with soil and watered in, allowing the new system to develop and anchor the tree in its new home.

Professional equipment and skilled staff are essential for the safe and successful relocation or tree transplanting process. A combination of planning, logistics and teamwork are all essential ingredients.

Look at how this large 100-Year-Old Compton Oak was moved successfully in League City. The tree stood 56 feet (17 metres) tall, had a canopy of over 100 feet (30 metres), 135 inches (3.43 metres) around the trunk and weighed and impressive 518,000 pounds (just under 235 tonnes).