There comes a time in every tree’s lifespan when a small or large amount of tree maintenance is required. If only to ensure that your tree does not encroach into unwanted areas. Other reasons for tree maintenance include;

To encourage new growth – By reducing old branches your tree will naturally produce new and healthy growth.

To beautify your yard – Clearing away unwanted and ugly or protruding branches helps to make a yard look neat and kept.

To treat disease – If your tree is showing signs of disease, it is advisable to carry out a serious pruning. This removes all diseased or potentially diseased branches before the entire tree succumbs to the disease leaving only one option which is removal.

To remove dead, sick or damaged branches – Removing dead, sick or damaged branches helps to increase your trees rate of recovery.

To remove hazardous branches – Removing branches which are currently, or may pose a hazard at some stage is most advisable. By removing hazardous branches you are protecting surrounding property. Additionally, you are reducing the risk of damage caused by fallen branches or trees during severe storms.

To recapture views – Do you have glorious views which have been lost over the years due to the growth of your tees. Have your trees selectively cleared to recapture these views. Recapture the very reason for buying your home or property in the first place.

Encourage Fruit Production – All fruit trees need to have regular pruning or maintenance to encourage the growth of flowers and fruit. Ensure that your tree is producing its maximum bountiful crops by carrying out, or having regular pruning conducted.

As you can see the advantages of conduction tree maintenance are far and extensive. AllRound Tree Services are your local tree experts. We can arrange for annual, biannual or more regular pruning to occur at your premises for any number reasons. This may include commitment to public safety or simply for aesthetics.

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