Are you looking for professional help with the removal of diseased or damaged branches which are overhanging houses or public areas? Or perhaps you are looking at removing a tree in its entirety. Whichever the case – look no further than AllRound Tree Services.

A locally owned and operated professional provider of tree lopping and all other tree related services, we have been servicing the greater Moreton Bay Community for over 20 years.


We undertake all tree work and one of our specialties is tree felling or tree lopping. When it comes to tree lopping, there is only way to complete the job effectively and that is with an emphasis on SAFETY! Safety is the primary focus when you are dealing with a solid object, that can weigh hundreds of tonnes and stands extreme heights of up to 100 metres tall with extensive root systems and canopies that can reach the same distance.

The removal of the entire tree may not always be necessary unless it is the desire of the owner. On occasion, a good ‘tree cut’ (much like a haircut) is all that is needed to tidy up the ends and remove all the dead, diseased and dangerous bits. In the event of total tree removal being required/necessary or requested, there are serious considerations which need to be taken into account. These include the tree’s location, size, species, surrounding area and more.

Professional Arborists are highly trained individuals who understand the makeup of trees. They know how trees grow and understand their root systems. This all aids in delivering the highest standards of service to the client and removing the tree as safely as possible.


Tree Felling in close quarters

As you can see from this video, when felling trees in close quarters, it is possible to get them to fall within an inch of the desired location. This is achieved through planning and experience. The experience of your chosen tree lopping or tree service provider is paramount, especially if you are looking at removing a tree that is in close quarters to your home, school, office building etc.

For all your professional tree lopping services, contact the local experts at AllRound Tree Services.