AllRound Tree Services deliver an all-encompassing tree resolution service from stump to branch tip. One of our highly regarded services is tree identification.


Tree identification, as the name states, is the process of identifying trees for a number of reasons. Typically contracted by local residents, council and developers in the Moreton Bay Region, the tree identification experts from AllRound Tree Services are called upon to help identify trees of interest.

As part of a collaborative approach to new projects, tree identification is used to advise council and developers which trees are best for removal or retention, based not only on their health but also the species. Additionally, we help in the retention of trees which hold intrinsic value as part of the local ecosystem as a food source and habitat for local fauna.

Clear tree identification assists local residents, council and developers in contributing to a healthier planet by retaining mature trees wherever possible, reducing the carbon footprint. AllRound Tree Services also work with locals in the planning and planting of new tree species, selected for their beauty, compatibility with the environment and the unlikelihood of becoming future hazards.


We understand the anatomy of trees and that they come in various shapes and sizes. The differences in root systems, their size and maintenance needs are all key things to consider when selecting trees for any purpose. Where are the trees going to be planted? How much room should they have to grow? Will there be underground piping at risk from growing root systems? These are all questions AllRound Tree Services considers, which are typically overlooked in the planning stage. They are part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive professional tree identification service.


Highly sought after by locals farmers looking to clear land, our tree identification experts assist  in identifying the best trees to remove and those which will benefit the farmers and local wildlife through their retention.


With experience in the tree industry exceeding 20 years, we have the knowledge and skills to effectively support the strategising and implementation of effective planting programs across the region, large and small. From small scale shrubs and colourful plants through to large scale trees specifically selected for the natural beauty and future shade qualities, AllRound Tree Services is here to help.

The highly trained and qualified arborists and horticultural experts at AllRound Tree Services make us the perfect local tree expert partner. For anybody looking to identify the species of tree growing in their yard, on rural property or new developments, and for future council projects, call us today for further information.