The simple act of being amongst trees is one of the natural wonders of nature. Anyone who could ever doubt that these are living, breathing, possibly ancient organisms only has to stroll through a forest or bushland to know this is patently absurd. We take it for granted that trees are permanent, fixed structures, their very root system guaranteeing solidity and immovability.

However, not only can trees be safely transplanted, but this can in some cases improve their chances of longevity and growth. Obviously, great care must be taken. The removal, transportation, replanting and maintenance must be meticulously planned and carried out.

AllRound Tree Services, southeast Queensland’s premier tree service has years of experience in safely transplanting trees to new locations. When a tree is to be transplanted we have a checklist and suitability criteria which must be adhered to if the tree is to survive and thrive.

Any tree will typically lose up to 70% of its root system during the transplanting phase, so it’s critical to minimise shock by making a clear plan before going ahead.

Checking the new soil quality, for possible underground pipes, drainage, leaving adequate room for the particular species’ root system are all critical factors. In short, replicating as much as possible the organic environment of the original planting area is the key goal.

The actual route to the transplanting must be carefully planned as well to ensure that no power lines will be struck.

Finally, close post-transplanting maintenance is essential to make certain the tree settles in and thrives in its new home.

So, for the safe transplanting of trees to a new location, call AllRound Tree Services, southeast Queensland’s reliable, experienced and cost-effective team of tree surgeons. We can give you a broad quote based on your from-and-to locations, the species and approximate size of the tree. For a look at how technology has evolved for really big trees, take a look at this amazing piece of machinery!