Stump grinding is the removal of a tree stump once the main volume of the tree has been removed though lopping. The most effective method of stump grinding is using a stump grinder or stump cutter. Stump grinders come in a range of sizes from lawnmower size up to tractor attachments. Your professional tree service provider, AllRound Tree Services, uses only quality commercial grade equipment, ensuring work is completed quickly and efficiently. A powerful machine stump grinder is used to quickly and effectively remove the remains of a tree.


Essentially you do not need to remove stumps from your garden or yard once the bulk of the tree has been removed and many people like to leave stumps as reminders or to create sculptural aspects to their garden (please remember that stumps attract termites, notorious for causing mass destruction in a very short space of time). The common reason for stump grinding is to regain the space which the tree once inhabited and also to reduce the risk of attracting termites to your yard.


Stump removal is the removal of the residual stump and the root ball system which is underground and can be quite extensive. Typically, stump removal is more expensive than stump grinding and will leave you with a large hole in the ground where the tree and root ball once stood.

Stump grinding on the other hand, is a much more economical way of removing the stump. Using a stump grinder, the tree stump is ground down to a few inches below the earth’s surface and covered over with dirt. The remainder of the tree root system is left to decompose underground over time.

Engaging the services of local professional tree removalists will save you time and effort. They are skilled in the best method of stump removal for your circumstance and possess the appropriate equipment and expertise to make quick work of your tree stump removal.

For all your stump grinding or stump removal solutions contact AllRound Tree Services today and have one of our experienced staff advise you.