Storm Season Preparations

As every Queenslander knows, storm season can be a time of great destruction to both trees, and – in turn – your property. Although storm season typically begins around November, it can be a common occurance to start experiencing it as early as September. With this early arrival comes the need to prepare your trees to be able to withstand the pressures of wind, combined with the soft ground caused by extended rainfall.

The main danger concerning trees and strong winds comes down to limb breakage. If the tree in question is near your home or office, then the need to prepare the tree is substantial – as a limb falling on your property can cause significant damage. If your roof is affected during a storm, this can lead to further damage as the water seeps in.

While AllRound Tree Services runs an emergency response service for such situations, we will always recommend preparation as the best line of prevention. If you are concerned about a tree on your property, the best thing to do is to contact AllRound Tree Services to organise an inspection and report. We will arrive onsite, ascertain the risk that the tree in question presents to you and your property, and provide an outline for a solution at the best rate possible.

storm season

When looking to prevent future damage from a suspect tree, the first thing to assess is the presence of deadwood. As a tree gets older, branches will begin to show signs of deadwood that can be the result of disease or lack of sunlight caused by a thick canopy. As more of the limb turns to deadwood, it becomes a risk and should be removed by a qualified professional before it has the chance to fall and cause damage.

As we have covered in previous articles, pruning is a vital part of maintaining the health of your trees and also promoting future healthy growth. When you call on a qualified arborist such as AllRound Tree Services, you can rest assured that we are able to identify and safely remove any suspect limbs without risking danger to our staff, your family, or your property.

Not only does pruning allow for the removal of deadwood, it also gives us the chance to reduce the sail weight of the tree. As a tree’s canopy and branches grow and sprout more leaves, the tree receives more pressure from incoming winds. We refer to it as “sail weight” because these branches act exactly the same as the sail on a boat. The bigger they are, the more wind they catch. While this might be great for the boat, it can mean significant stress on the limbs of the tree.

If the ground has become soaked from continuous rainfall, then the added danger of the tree uprooting and falling presents serious risk for people and property. A fallen tree can completely destroy a home and anything else it falls on, such as vehicles. By reducing the sail weight, we reduce the chances of this happening significantly.

By taking action before the storm season hits, you keep your home and its occupants safe and sound. This gives you peace of mind both now and into the future. AllRound Tree Services are qualified professionals with decades of experience, and will provide the best quality of work and the most competitive rates possible.