Silky Oak Trees

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Silky oak trees – beloved and beautiful south-east Queensland native

The majestic silky oak tree, well known for its high-quality timber, is native to our corner of the world. The grain of its much-loved timber resembles that of European oak when it is quarter-cut to how its rays, but it is no relation. It is actually the tallest-growing of the grevilleas, commonly reaching up to 20 metres and even 40 metres in height.

This makes it a terrific shade tree, if your property is large enough, and you often see them planted by roads as well throughout south-east Queensland. They are fast-growing and live for 100 years or more. Silky oaks are drought-hardy, but be sure to plant them well away from buildings and pipes as they have a large and shallow root structure.

Flowering season – birds, bees and mulch

Silky oak trees flower through spring and you can see many of them right now just breaking out into their distinctive toothbrush-like yellow-gold flowers. They attract honeyeater birds in large numbers, as well as bees, who all assist in pollination. If you are keen on attracting bees and birds to your garden, here is another great reason to plant a silky oak.

This tree is also deciduous, dropping its fern-like leaves at this time of year to be replaced with fresh green ones with a pretty silvery bottom side. The fallen leaves make for great mulch.

Growing and pruning your silky oak tree

Silky oak trees will grow readily from seed. Protect it from pests and winds while young and give it corrective and stem pruning to help it maintain a clean, straight trunk. This is especially important if you have one eye on using its desirable timber one day.

Prune your tree during winter, all stems greater than 2cm in diameter up to the anticipated log length (about 6 metres).

If in doubt, call the experts: AllRound Tree Services offers expert advice and services for all your silky oak needs.