Poincianas and Jacarandas: Seasonal Lovelies

Poincianas and jacarandas: seasonal lovelies

The showy seasonal loveliness of poincianas and jacarandas is very familiar to people who live in south-east Queensland.

The October–November explosion of  jacarandas into the familiar lovely shade of purple-blue always reminds students that it’s time to hit the books. Their reward is the scarlet blaze of the poincianas from November. They peak after exams, in time for Christmas.

Both trees flower on bare wood after losing their leaves, which shows off the colourful blooms against our bright blue Queensland skies.

So widespread are these two exotics that it is hard to imagine life in south-east Queensland without them.

Caring for your poinciana and jacaranda

Fortunately for their many admirers, both these showy beauties are very easy to grow and care for. They both require good watering when young to develop healthy root systems. And they will both grow well in a variety of soil types, including the sandier and saltier ones.

They like frost-free climates, which we have, of course, and full sun. So, prune away nearby plants that might block the light from the growing young tree. In fact, be sure to leave both of these statement trees with plenty of space to grow into. They are really not suitable for small yards, or planting near walkways or structures. However, they will flourish given room to develop into a canopy width of around 10 to 15 metres and a similar height.


Both of these exotic trees should also be pruned carefully when young. Weaker lower branches of the poinciana should be pruned away. Jacarandas may develop competing trunks. They will benefit from pruning near the base every three years for the first 15 or so. Thin the canopy to help the stronger branches develop. But don’t remove more than about 20% of it. A full and even shape is part of the appeal of these glorious trees.

And, of course, be sure to do your pruning in winter before the new growth begins. This will encourage the spectacular blooming.

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