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Introducing our incredible team

In keeping with our support of the local community, All Round Tree Services is proud to support school-based apprenticeship programs. With a diversity of qualifications on each of our team, we are able to give the encouragement needed to students. We have qualified Certificate III Arborists on every team, with Certificate IV and V qualified supervisors bringing their years of experience and expertise to your arboriculture solutions.

While we are all qualified in each of our roles, All Round Tree Services team members are constantly updating and obtaining further knowledge in the industry. The “Tree Crew” get together regularly to carry out aerial rescue training that educates our newer and younger members on “Safety first” applications. Our crews attend workshops with QAA (Queensland Arboriculture Association) as well as workshops with recognised Training Officer, Peter Chaffin from Training for Trees, who is happy to allocate an entire day when required, to go through detailed safety aspects (new and updated methods used to undertake tasks, changes to industry regulations). We are proud of our impeccable safety track record and believe our training modules are responsible. Our crew leave their homes for work happy and safe each day and we want them to continue returning home the same way. All Round Tree Services are proudly the Professionals that CARE.

Simon Maloney
Terry Marshall