It’s Storm Season

AllRound Tree Services offers advice for storm season

South-east Queensland attracts some of the fiercest storms around, and although the season is just beginning we have already seen some destructive examples. Tornado-like winds, hail the size of golf balls or even tennis balls, gale-force winds and pounding rain are a periodic reality for us choosing to live in these otherwise paradisal subtropics.

Prevention is key

AllRound offers clean-up services after storms, but we prefer to deploy our expertise in providing preventative services. Be prepared this season, and sit out those storms, even the supercell ones, with peace of mind.


Get off to a good start this storm season by allowing us to set up a maintenance strategy for the ongoing care of your trees. We can help you not just prevent damage to trees and property in the event of a storm, but also extend the lifespan of your trees by removing dying or diseased branches and encouraging the growth of healthy material.

The benefits are manifold: safety, aesthetics, longevity, health and your pocket. Contact us today to make sure you and your trees are ready for the season ahead.

storm season is here again
storm damage can be costly

Expert Tree Felling

Perhaps you have a high-risk tree or a diseased one. At AllRound Tree Services we focus on preservation, and part of that is having the knowledge and skills to assess and identify risks posed by compromised trees.

Contact us today for a risk assessment. We can take into account all of the necessary factors in our felling and removal services, such as health, size, location and surrounds and advise you or service you in tree felling and removal.

Storm Damage Specialists

AllRound Tree Services are professionals who care. You can count on us to offer superior services under pressure such as in the storm and emergency conditions that can sometimes arise despite the best preventative steps taken.

We work with experienced, trustworthy trade partners in dealing with the aftermath of storms. Our dynamic teamwork sets us apart from the rest. You can trust us to communicate professionally with householders, property managers and insurance providers alike, and to get the job done, rain, hail or shine.