What to do if a neighbour’s tree is affecting you

A common cause of disagreement between neighbours is overhanging branches or root systems from intruding trees. These can become contentious issues if not resolved effectively. Some common disputes related to trees include:

·         Branches overhanging your yard

·         Falling branches, leaves and fruit during seasonal periods

·         Root intrusion and damage

·         Trees blocking views or causing shadows, etc.

As a home owner, you have certain rights when it comes to resolving these issues.


The best method of resolution is to talk the matter over with your neighbour. Discuss your concerns, consult with local tree experts such as AllRound Tree Services, and come up with a reasonable solution to the problem.

Talking things out with your neighbour is the most cost effective and neighbourly thing to do. Often resolutions are found quickly without creating enemies or the need for further action.


You have legal rights concerning trees intruding or growing from a neighbour’s yard into yours. To find out more visit Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011.

As a home owner, you have certain rights when trees overhang into your yard, being:

· the common law right of abatement – you can legally remove branches and roots protruding into your yard up to your boundary line

· after removal of branches, you have the option of returning the removed branches to the tree keeper or disposing of them yourself. (In the interests of neighbourly peace, perhaps personally disposing of removed branches is the best course of action in this instance.)


If you have not, or cannot come to an agreement with your neighbour regarding the tree/s in question, you have the right to take matters to a more formal level and issue a written notice for the removal of the branches or roots or other corrective actions as required from your property.

Regardless of the severity of your issue, when you are looking for professional assistance and advice regarding the best method of removal of branches or roots within your yard, contact AllRound Tree Services. We have been servicing the Moreton Bay Region for many years, helping local residents in all tree-related areas from pruning to tree removal. Our expert team will work out the best method of removing trees, root systems and tree trunks to your satisfaction.Contact us today to see how we can help.