Attracting rainbow lorikeets

Who couldn’t love the sight of the well-named rainbow lorikeet?

Part of the pleasure of living in our part of south-east Queensland is the abundant native bird life. For many people, birds provide a great source of joy. It’s their song and lively chatter at dawn and dusk, and their natural beauty.

And for beauty, who can go past the rainbow lorikeet? The colourful and common sight in urban areas of this medium-sized nectar-feeding parrot is truly startling to visitors from overseas. So is their noisy clamour when feeding in groups.

The natural diet of lorikeets

The tip of the lorikeet tongue is like a brush. It helps them get access to their main diet of pollen, nectar and native fruits. Rainbow lorikeets will also feed on insects and insect larvae and other invertebrates that live in trees.

Tips for attracting rainbow lorikeets

AllRound is pleased to offer our high conservation-value tips about how best to attract these beauties to your backyard. Providing healthy food is key.

First up: good news for those who might be worried about wild birds becoming dependent or sick on human-provided food. It is true that you can shorten the life of these naturally fairly long-lived birds by feeding them sugar-based snacks like granular sugar, honey or jam. AllRound Tree Services advises strongly against such practices. We are pleased to say, however, that you can safely attract and feed these gorgeous birds simply by choosing to plant in your garden the flowering natives whose nectar they naturally feed on.

Even better news: the best species to plant to attract rainbow lorikeets are beautiful flowering natives that you will love in your garden anyway. Choose local species of tress such as banksia, grevilleas and callistemon (bottlebrushes).

Contact us at AllRound for advice about choosing local species of such trees.

The news just keeps getting better: if you can encourage your neighbours to also plant similar trees, this will help develop a habitat for rainbow lorikeets. Then they will want to return to again and again.