Frangipani trees

AllRound offers advice for owners of frangipani trees

Nothing beats the exotically beautiful and fragrant frangipani flower!

The frangipani (or plumeria) is native to Mexico, Central America and Venezuala – but it has made a home for itself in the hearts of many Australians. The unmistakeable perfume is part of the Australian summer, as is the sight of the five-petalled blooms in yellow and white, pink, orange and even deep purplish reds.

It thrives in full sun, will tolerate most soils as long as they are well-drained and is a great match with our south-east Queensland climate. You will hardly need to fertilise this hardy tree – a little manure will do the trick nicely.

Growing frangipani from cuttings is easy

These remarkable trees are very easy to propagate. The best time of year to take cuttings is coming up soon – late spring and early summer – but you can do it with success at any time of year.

All you need to do is neatly cut off a branch or a stem and remove most of the leaves and any flower buds. For success, you will need to give the cut end time to dry out and harden before you plant it. Just stand it upright in the shade for a few weeks. Once you can see that the base has dried out, pop it in a pot and water it sparingly until it takes root.

Potting up your frangipani

These trees will grow to six or even eight metres in the yard, but dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties will also pot up nicely and look lovely on your veranda or front stairs. The thing to remember both for yard trees and container frangipanis is to keep them well-drained.

You can fill a 50cm diameter pot with a mixture of potting mix and sand, and watch you baby grow! You may need to re-pot as it does, but your potted frangipani is bound to give you years of pleasure.

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