The Illawarra flame tree, an east coast native tree

This glorious beauty of a tree is often found in parks and roadsides along the east coast, as well as being a garden favourite.

All about flame trees

The so-exciting Illawarra flame tree has year-round interest. Large leaves appear in summer through autumn and then fall at the end of winter through spring. Yes, the flame tree is that rare thing, a deciduous native tree! After the leaves drop, the brilliant crimson or coral-red, bell-shaped flowers appear and cover the tree entirely. This gorgeous sight lasts from spring to summer. Seed pods appear after the flowers. The seeds are edible – you can toast them and enjoy.

This tree can grow up to 35 metres, making it a sight to behold when in full flower. You will be overjoyed at the bees, nectar-eating birds and butterflies that the spectacular flowers will attract.

Caring for your flame tree

Flame trees like warm weather but will tolerate light frost. Plant yours where it will get plenty of light. This tree will do well in loam or sandy or clay loam that is well-drained. It is tolerant of drought conditions.

Flame trees grow quickly and will live for up to 150 years. It needs deep soil to reach its greatest potential height of 35 metres or more, which is why many garden trees will grow to just 10 to 20 metres.

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