Trimming of trees is not rocket science; however it does need to be done with precision, care and preferably by skilled people who have the knowledge and appropriate training and equipment. This is particularly true when you are looking at trimming mature large trees. Trimming of branches from large trees at great heights takes planning and skill. Arborists are highly trained people who understand the growth cycle of trees, how to trim them effectively to promote health and new growth. Mature trees don’t have the reserves that young trees do and are slower to heal over.

View the following video to see how mature large tree trimming occurs:


Common mistakes made by amateurs or unskilled people is to cut branches too short or to remove unnecessary branches which places undue stress onto the remainder of the tree. This does not allow the tree to heal effectively and form scar tissue. If natural healing is not permitted or does not occur, it can leave the tree susceptible to infestation of diseases. This can ultimately lead to further unanticipated problems down the track. The trick is to remove only the branches that need removal and cut at precisely the right point, not too long and not too short, leaving a neat collar which forms the scar tissue.

The other common mistake made by unskilled people is incorrect pruning or large tree trimming resulting in the removal of unnecessary branches, which can have a life time effect on the tree’s appearance, health and structure.

Safety is paramount when it comes to large tree trimming, mainly due to the significant heights at which work will often occur. Without the proper training and safety equipment, you cannot effectively and safely prune a tree.

For all your mature large tree trimming needs contact AllRound Tree Services. We have been providing skilled tree pruning and removal within the Moreton Bay Region for many years and look forward to continuing our work in promoting healthy trees within the region for natural beautification.