December Sunshine Coast Storm

AllRound cleans up after devastating Sunshine Coast storm

AllRound Tree Services reminds clients that the current late spring/early summer time of year is the heart of the storm season in south-east Queensland. This year has been no exception. A super storm wreaked havoc in the Sunshine Coast region on 9 December.

AllRound are experts in helping with storm damage to and by trees. Our services were in high and urgent demand in the aftermath of this storm. By the afternoon of Sunday 10 December, over one hundred people had made requests for assistance to the SES. Trees had collapsed over roofs and come down over powerlines. People also reported many instances of other tree and water damage to properties.

Road networks in the region suffered considerable damage. Authorities suspended rail services between Gympie and Caboolture for several days. Australia Zoo was forced to temporarily close.

Landsborough hard hit by storm

Some long-time residents of the Landsborough, Buderim and Beerwah areas described it as the worst storm that they had ever seen. It dumped 119 mm of rain in some parts. Energex also reported 130,000 lightning strikes in the region. Twenty-four hours later, nearly 500 homes were still without power. Heavy winds and rainfall tcaused most the damage to property, roads and trees, however.

AllRound Tree Services assisted multiple householders with removing fallen trees, including ones that had come down over roofs and other parts of buildings. We also assisted with clearing roads that were blocked due to the volume of fallen trees. The team also helped to remove the fallen trees.

Distressed locals described terrifying levels of noise as the storm swept through the area. They also described the sight of large trees being blown around like matchsticks.

The Sunshine Coast Council estimated the damage bill to run into the hundreds of thousands. It also predicted that the clean-up would take several weeks. AllRound is continuing to assist local residents and the council with the cleanup.

Tree fail prevention better than cure

Now is the time to ask for an expert inspection of your trees for risk and hazard assessment. Contact AllRound today – and be prepared and confident about the safety of your family and property for the remainder of this 2017–18 storm season in south-east Queensland.