Terry Marshall of AllRound Tree Services knows a thing or two about heights.


He scales tall trees in a day’s work these days, but many of AllRound’s customers would be surprised to learn that the friendly Terry Marshall of Allround Tree Services served for many years in the British Fourth Battalion Parachute Regiment, as well as the American 101st Airborne and the German 272nd parachute regiment.


When he arrived in the Bribie area in 2010, baffled locals could hardly understand Terry’s thick accent, much to his amusement. He laughs as he recalls cold-calling owner-director Simon Maloney for a job on his second day in the country and then attending an interview with a bemused Simon: “I’m sure he didn’t understand a word I said!”

Terry’s accent has softened over the years as he has meanwhile distinguished himself at AllRound, rising from a humble groundie picking up sticks to crew leader – as well as in the community, which he serves on the weekend as a volunteer trainer for army cadets at the Bribie Island skate park.

The Bribie cadets are a self-funded cadet unit, rather than an official group, that put out a call for ex-soldiers who could train 10- to 18-year-olds on weekends. Terry didn’t hesitate to put his hand up.

“The kids are great, some of them very bright, very clever, and some of them from disadvantaged backgrounds. Some of them just need to be given an opportunity, a chance to shine,” he says.

Terry Smiling

“So, it’s important to make it fun for them, something different. I wear my British uniform, and we do things like look at my Special Forces equipment, like a folding kayak and my LLP250 low level parachute, and rig parachute equipment up in a tree. We’re not necessarily here to just draft them into the army.”

Does he miss the temperate weather of home? “Not really. I did nearly pass out from the heat when I first arrived, but I am used to it now. And jumping in sunny rather than rainy weather is a very different experience.

“I have done a freefall jump on the beach at Bribie with my wife, and that was amazing.”