February – March mulching

February and March are a great time for mulching in preparation for the colder months.

Mulching conserves water

Of the many reasons to mulch, one of the most important is water conservation. Mulching gardens now will help retain moisture in soil throughout the whole winter season. Plus, it will enrich your garden and let it thrive.

How does mulch work?

Mulch works by preventing the top level of soil from drying out. With moister soil, you will have less need for watering. The process also adds nutrients.

How deep should I mulch?

How deep you mulch depends on the type of mulch you use. The coarser it is, the thinner the layer you need. A minimum of 2 to 6 mm of the coarsest, bark-based mulches will do, and you can layer it more thickly for mulches such as straw or compost. If you are using both compost and straw or bark, layer the compost first.

Other reasons to mulch

1. It helps prevent weeds and weed germination. Left unchecked, these will compete with your precious plants for moisture and soil nutrients. Prevention is better than back-breaking cure.
2. It helps keep the temperature of the soil constant. This helps with germination and protect seedlings and delicate plants through winter.
3. It adds organic matter to your soil, enriching it with nutrients, and encouraging activity by earthworms. Organic mulches will obviously do this better than inorganic ones.

Allround mulching products and services

AllRound Tree Services sells different kinds and grades of organic mulches and also offers on-site mulching of your unwanted trees and plants.

Contact us today to ask how we can help with your February–March mulching.