The team at AllRound Tree Services had to give this guy an appreciative round of applause for what has to be one of the finest examples of precision tree felling we’ve ever seen caught on film. Judging by his reaction at the end we don’t’ think even he thought he was going to pull this off so spectacularly well.

There’s no doubt tree felling is an art. It’s one that has endured for 1,000s of years. Wood for shelter is still one of the most dominant uses for timber, and now we have sustainability to ensure that our planet’s tree stocks are more than replenished. Felling trees in our urban spaces is more about safety, natural life cycles and boundary issues and this is when you need to call in the Queensland tree cutting experts – AllRound Tree Services.  

The most common form of tree-felling is the 45 or 70 degree face notch, which allows for the opposing hinge wood to complete a fall in the a pre-determined arc. As common as this method is there are hazards and health and safety considerations that must be adhered to at all times. The fall-zone has to be assessed, especially in built-up areas for power lines, other trees, buildings, fences, etc.

The age of the tree needs to be taken into consideration as to avoid the possibility of a splintered fall. Overall, unless you are an experienced Queensland arborist yourself it’s best to leave it to the experts, and that’s why calling in AllRound Tree Services is essential when considering felling trees.

We’re experienced, we’re aware of all the considerations and hazards, we’re insured, and it’s what we do for a living. So don’t risk it, call AllRound Tree Services today for a tree felling quotation, it’s not worth the risk to do otherwise. Need proof? Here’s why you should call in the experts!