Introducing Qualified Arborists

AllRound introduces a new Australia-wide tree industry service

AllRound Tree Services proudly offers superior arboricultural services. Part of our value proposition is that our staff are unsurpassed in the industry for their arboricultural and ecological knowledge and training.

We dedicate ourselves to serving the people and natural environment of Bribie Island, Caboolture, Morayfield and broader south-east Queensland. We do so with the highest standards of professional expertise and highly competitive pricing. And we also offering integrity and safety. Add to that an unrivalled passion for what we do. And, importantly, we strive to provide industry leadership nationally.

AllRound Tree Services: industry leaders

In 2017, AllRound Tree Services is driving the establishment of a new national professional organisation, Qualified Arborists. The new website features a searchable directory of Australia-wide service providers. Each one offers a demonstrably high standard of arboricultural work. They each also have professional credentials and affiliations.

Qualified Arborists: directory and industry standard-bearing

The arborist directory is timely. A new system of licensing will soon apply to businesses providing arboricultural services. This follows on from the recent establishment of trade-level arborist qualifications. AllRound staff have all obtained these or are in the process of doing so.

AllRound Tree Services is proudly taking a leadership role in this journey of professionalisation. We are actively working to identify and include arborists for the directory. These not only do quality work and have relevant high-level qualifications. They also show care for their customers and for the natural environment, are reputable, and operate in a fully professional manner.

The venture is aimed to lift and consolidate the reputation of the entire profession. It is also meant to forge nationwide professional networks for the advancement of arboriculture as a profession.

Promoting the new licensing and directory to the public will form part of the work to be done. So will educating the public about demanding professional qualifications from the arborists whose services they engage.

AllRound Tree Services: community leaders

AllRound Tree Services is proud to spearhead the continuing professionalisation of arboriculture in Australia.

With our 25-year record of professional and reputational leadership and business success, we consider this just one further way for us to continue serving our professional and local communities.