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We are professionals who care.

AllRound Tree Services was born of a lifelong love of trees, nature and the environment. We also have an enthusiasm for sustaining wildlife habitat. With his drive and passion, Simon Maloney has nurtured AllRound Arborists Tree Services. It is now one of the leading providers of specialist arborist and tree maintenance services in south-east Queensland.

AllRound Arborists Tree Services is a locally owned and operated business. Being locals makes us proud supporters of our community, including clubs and businesses.

Simon’s passion evolved into a business in 1994, when he realised his ambition of starting AllRound Tree Services. As a Diploma Certificate V Arborist, Simon is fully involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. He fulfils the roles of director, arborist and climber. Simon is a longstanding member of the Queensland Arboriculture Association: 12 years and counting. Seven of these he served as a director on the Executive Committee. Simon has helped to develop the Association and continues to be an influential force.

Ever onwards and upwards

Simon retired from his position as the Head Coordinator for the Queensland Arbor Camp in 2014. He maintains a role as a head judge and judge of the annual state, Australian and international tree climbing competitions. To honour Simon’s commitment to the Queensland Arboriculture Association, the organisation granted him a lifetime membership.

The key to a successful business is high-quality workmanship and dedicated staff. Simon leads by example. His constant dedication to his arboriculture business shows in how he communicates with customers. Simon heads a team of professionals who are highly qualified and skilled. The team takes the time to listen to customers, and delivers results in a safe manner and at a competitive price.

At AllRound Tree Services, we understand our customers and develop a plan to maintain their trees. All staff have up-to-date training in arboriculture, giving them a great understanding of how trees work. This enables us to offer the best advice and service. This resolve means Simon and his team are pleased that their clients call back year after year.